Photo of the author Mary Chang Story Writer provided by author.

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

Embracing fifty with guts, adventure, laughter.

In 2020, I entered the Ms Health and Fitness Contest — at age 50! The prize was $10K and a chance to be featured on the cover of the magazine. My motto was “Want to see a real ordinary person on the cover of a fitness magazine?” I promoted myself…

Envy: An unexpected lesson I learned about my envy of others

“Finding my sunshine inside and out.” -Mary Chang. Photo of the author by the author’s son.

My father taught me how to ride my first two-wheeler, roll my tummy, and snap a Polaroid, but he didn’t teach me how to meditate. I had no urge to sit still, eyes closed, silent, and mindless for endless minutes for no apparent reason.

Meditation is boring, boring, boring…

When I was nine, I’d run…

“Superhero Pose” Photo of the author by Natalie J. McMillan, photographer

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

Standing strong to boost my confidence.

Standing like Wonder Woman or Superman can change your emotional state of mind, alter your biochemistry and boost your confidence.

The superhero stance increases testosterone in the bloodstream which can increase assertive behavior in performance. This power pose also lowers cortisol in the bloodstream — the stress hormone.

With the…

Photo of the author taken by author’s son.

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

Playtime never ends with a kid!

My son and I dug this hole and filled it up with water with the intent to build a “hot tub” to soak our feet or a “mini pool” to jump into and make a splash! Guess which one was more fun? Ever since the birth of my son, I…

Photo by Mary Chang Story Writer

SWPSC: “Snow & White” & Freestyle Stories — December’s Conclusion

Snow unites with sand — then disappears.

We’re 4 months in since the launch of the Six Word Photo Story Challenge publication! December’s prompt was “Snow & White” and we challenged writers to find photos depicting snow or white with this popular challenge below. Nope — you didn’t need to do a headstand to participate.

This publication…

Mary Chang Story Writer

Finding shine through exercise, people & life stories. Fueled by cartwheels. Editor of Six Word Photo Story Challenge.

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